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Pull for Charity Application

Thank you for your interest in our Pull for Charity program. 

Before diving into the application, I wanted to take this opportunity to elaborate on Baramor and our brand. Tired of my desk job at an asset management firm, I wanted môr fulfillment in my life. Being a natural risk taker, I landed upon the frequented fantasy of opening up a bar. At first, this idea seemed not only crazy but impossible. However, eventually I found a way to make this fantasy into a reality. My vision has always been to create my own brand so I view Baramor not just as a restaurant bar but as a brand that defines my beliefs. One of our core values is to be a leader of positive change in the community through impactful charitable contributions.

Baramor is founded on the principle of always doing môr. We believe this starts with us. As one of our core beliefs is to always give back, Baramor hosts a permanent charity fundraiser. Additionally, Baramor will have a unique model for charities who wish to host events and fundraisers at our venue. 


Baramor will feature a PERMANENT and IMPACTFUL charity draught line called Pull for Charity. The beer will rotate through some of Ipswich Brewery’s finest and newest creations. The concept is simple: Baramor will donate $3 for every pint pour to partnered charities. 

Since we’ve opened, we have had an overwhelming response to our fundraising efforts. We are surrounded by so many local non-profits. We believe these organizations are grouped together by their common vision of bettering our communities – no matter what audiences they may cater to. At Baramor, we want to be part of the positive change. Additionally, through our efforts here at Baramor, we wish to bring non-profits together to create atypical collaborations between organizations to increase our overall impact. If you wish to apply, please continue the application below. You will also learn about other ways Baramor gives back to our community as well as ways to get involved beyond the Pull for Charity program.


After 5 months of opening, Baramor has seen an overwhelming interest from the community in partnering up to do môr. Staying true to our commitment of always #doingMôr, we are excited to announce our partnership with Dana Farber Cancer Institute. For the #DineforCharity fundraiser, Baramor will donate $3 for any food item purchased from the weekly Chef's features menu.


Baramor has a unique program that allows charities to make their events and fundraisers more meaningful. Many venues charge for booking private space. At Baramor, that would clash with our core principles of always doing môr. As a result, we are flipping the model entirely. Instead of charging charities a fee for private space, we will donate to the causes personally to make their events more impactful. Additionally, we have tons of breweries and local partners lined up to contribute time and items for silent auctions!

Best Regards,

Arpit Patel


The Pull for Charity program is not soliciting donations on behalf of any non-profit. Baramor is simply picking non-profits to receive the donation of their fundraiser commitments. Baramor will donate $3 for every pint of the Pull for Charity line poured. Baramor is the donor of all said funds.

Pull for Charity Application

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